Rubbish Removal Services

Unlike other rubbish removal services, we price our services on how much of your junk we can recycle, what can we salvage, logistical considerations and what is it worth to us.

Do you get cash for your trash?
It does happen. If the value to us of your unwanted junk is more than cost of removing and disposing of the non-salvageable rubbish.

What sort of rubbish do we remove or recycle?
Hard rubbish, household junk, paper and cardboard, computers, mattresses, small amounts of recyclable building material, non-hazardous and non-toxic waste and small loads of green waste.

Is it Trash or Treasure?

We do not remove.
Hazardous waste, asbestos, building rubble-bricks or concrete, wet rubbish like kitchen waste.

What sort of junk can go from trash to treasure?
Rusty old metal objects, garden furniture, machinery, industrial objects, old tools, the contents of your garage, retro, kitsch, anything old and interesting and some of that tacky stuff you may have lying around.

What sort of rubbish is destined for the tip?
Modern electrical stuff, unwanted beds and couches that were probably purchased at some discount store. Furniture made out of chipboard. The sort of things that charities seem uninterested in.

So if you are selling up, moving on, want to get rid of things, downsizing, feel you need to de-clutter, need some help with your clean up or clear out, or a one stop shop solution to a deceased estate. Give The Trashman a call and we may not only offer what could be the best household rubbish removal deal in town, but we might just be able to show you how one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

I want your rubbish.

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