Remove Your Rubbish And Recycle

Recycling junk is how someone’s trash really can be someone else’s treasure.

Getting rid of and dumping of hard rubbish can be an expensive exercise with tipping fees on the rise and landfill rates climbing.

At One Man’s Trash we are always looking for ways in which we can recycle, reuse or repurpose someone's junk, what your trash is worth to us and is there something in that pile of unsightly rubbish that someone else might really want. 

One Man's Trash - recycle and reuse


When your junk is not simply chucked into to landfill but gets a new lease of life in some other form.

Saves on digging up raw materials or cutting down beautiful forrest  timbers when we recycle.


If someone else has a use for it then maybe your junk dose not belong in the tip. 

Cash for your trash

It is how we provide a cost effective solution when we de-clutter your home and dispose of you trash.

We price our rubbish removal service on how best we can salvage what some might say is a useless bit of trash. 


Value adding and turning those salvaged materials into something else.

Fabricating all sorts of useful and pleasing to the eye products from what could have been destined for landfill. 

At One Man's Trash we also offer a small demolition service where we knock down fences, dismantle built in furniture, and demolish sheds and small structures.

When de-cluttering and disposing we crawl under houses, sift through your attic, sort out your garage and take away and do our best to recycle that unsightly junk.

If you are drowning in a sea of clutter, overwhelmed by that mountain of trash and do not know where to start.

Have junk to recycle and do not want it just thrown away.

If you are looking to prepare you property for sale, just want to refreshen the place up and regain some space or have just become tired of waiting for someone to make that trip to tip.

Sometimes the logistics of it all make it so that some things do end up in landfill, but as our name suggests, one person's trash can be another person's treasure.

Maybe give One Man's Trash a call.

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